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Schooling for the future

NZCER's Schooling for the future work

Schooling for the future research projects

How can teachers provide effective opportunities for students to build their Systems Thinking capabilities? What might NZCER do to support them? These deceptively simple questions underpin this literature review project.

Project leader(s): Rosemary (Rose) Hipkins

NZCER is evaluating Sorted in Schools, Te whai hua - kia ora! on behalf of the Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC).

Project leader(s): Jo MacDonald

Curriculum for the Future is a set of three resources designed to stimulate open-ended conversations about learning and curriculum today and into the future. Part 1 is a workshop resourcePart 2 is a live action role play game, and Part 3 is a digital game for iPad  or tablet.

Project leader(s): Rachel Bolstad

The Shifting to 21st Century Thinking project has been established by a group of researchers and thinkers within NZCER to think deeply about education in the 21st century, and what needs to change.

Project leader(s): Rachel Bolstad